Company history

HABA RL was born out of my passion for innovation. My 'inner engineer' simply did not let me sell the available products without trying to improve them. I improved every single one of our products, thereby making HABA RL an innovation leader in this industry.

Here are some of the improvements that make our biological treatment plants better.

A frequent problem with domestic sewage treatment plants is that the pipe feeding the sewage into the treatment plant is installed too deep in the ground. Typical solutions available on the market use gravity, which means that the so-called reactor must be lower than the settlement tank. As a result, the whole installation has to be buried very deep. What's the problem with that? First of all, the outlet pipe will supply water to the soil below plant roots. You will have to use water from the waterworks to water them, which costs quite a bit of money. Second, gravity-based solutions sometimes become silted and clogged. Deeply buried outlet pipe is a serious problem in this situation.

Our treatment plants, however, feature an innovative solution with a pump. The depth of the pipe feeding the sewage into the treatment plant does not matter. Our sewage treatment plants discharge the purified sewage at an ideal depth for plants. And the higher pressure of the discharged water prevents clogging of the pipe. There is no need to be concerned about the durability of the pump. These solutions are so reliable that they come with a 10-year warranty, and in case of a failure we will replace it within 48 hours WITHOUT digging up your garden.

The reactor is filled with our unique "fluidised bed". There is a lot of physics behind the design. What is important is that thanks to this solution the treatment plant can easily cope with increased influent flow, e.g. when you organise a party, or with no influent flow if you are away. There are no other solutions that offer such a peace of mind. I don't like bad smell around the house. That is why I never even considered selling old fashioned cesspools. But even biological treatment plants may give off odours... but not ours. Ours have a special seal under the lid. This seal guarantees that you will quickly forget that you have the treatment plant at all, even when relaxing in the garden right next to the hatch.

Speaking of forgetting about the sewage treatment plant, we approached this issue seriously. With protruding parts or covers, all the biological treatment plants available on the market are an eyesore in gardens. They are usually green, but still very conspicuous. That is why we developed the chameleon cover. It allows you to cover the hatch of our treatment plant with gravel, grass, pebbles, bark and so on, thereby making the cover of the treatment plant virtually invisible.

So, if you don't want to be bothered with sewage collection and storage, if you don't want to smell it and see it and think about maintenance more frequently than every 6 months, if you don't want to fear costly repairs and if you don't want to dig up your garden in case of an unlikely breakdown, if you have a rational approach to investments and seek a solution which is reliable, practical and ecological and actually cheaper in the long term, then you are just like our customers and I would like you to join them.

Contact us and we will send you an installer who will present a valuation depending on the solution which is most appropriate for you.

And one more thing: we have a wide selection of tank sizes and equipment for our treatment plants, so that you will not overpay.

You will not buy a plant that is too big for your needs or install a plant that is too small.

Remember that we are talking about something you are going to bury in your garden for many years and where sewage will accumulate. It is important that the sewage actually is treated.

Believe me, you do not want to make the wrong choice.

Experience and passion: from a mushroom grower to the most innovative producer of sewage treatment plants in Poland

I founded HABA RL in 1993. But the story of the company dates back to 1988. This was when I noticed a colleague reading about... mushroom growing. We started talking and I found out that it is quite a nice job. At that time I was working as a mechanical engineer in a state-owned company. I was not afraid of challenges, so without much thinking I drew up a business plan and set up my own mushroom farm. As soon as it started yielding profit, I left my job to become an entrepreneur for life. But not just an entrepreneur.

I am primarily an engineer: it is not only my education and professional experience, but mainly my vocation. Contrary to the advice of 'old hands', I began to make a number of technical improvements to my mushroom farm and this drive for innovation soon became the reason behind the success of HABA RL. A few years passed and my wife and I started to build our own house. Like a typical engineer, I wanted to do things myself rather than hire contractors. Anyway, at that time it wasn't easy to get high quality products and services. With the experience I gained I can now provide window installation services. Fortunately for other Polish companies in the window industry, I quickly shifted my interest to sewage treatment plants as this was where I saw more room for innovation. I already thought that popular cesspools were obsolete and only domestic sewage treatment plants were the future.

Over the following years, I sold and installed other companies’ treatment plants. This is how I got to know these products and the needs and problems experienced by my customers. However, I was frustrated that manufacturers lacked innovativeness in that they made a product which was "fine" and that was enough for them. My inner engineer did not allow me to simply sell what was available, even if my customers did not know that they could get something better.
In 2002, with years of experience and a firm grasp of the technology, I designed my own tunnel treatment plant which eliminated many of the disadvantages of the drainage technology available at the time. By the way, I find it hard to believe that drainage technology is still being sold. Soon I also received several patents for innovative solutions, which made HABA RL products the only such innovative treatment plants in Poland for years.

However, the world does not stand still. Our competitors soon noticed that customers were choosing HABA RL over their solutions.

Around 2008 the market was flooded with competitors who also produced tunnel treatment plants. However, in 2004 I already knew that a pseudo-treatment plant consisting of a settlement tank and drainage (even with a large cross-section) has no future. Despite much better performance than cesspools or a simple settlement tank with drainage, the tunnel treatment plants also got clogged. This is just the way they are. In 2004 I designed my first biological treatment plant. This solution is much cleaner and causes significantly less problems. And even if problems do happen, our unique solution with a pump makes repairs incomparably easier and does not require digging up the garden.

Over the following years, with the help of customers who are not afraid of innovations, I kept improving the design. In 2009, when our competitors were happy to take over the market of tunnel treatment plants, HABA RL was already one step ahead. With a much better solution to offer, we stopped installing treatment plants with drainage.

Even the introduction of the most innovative solution on the market, i.e. a biological treatment plant with a pump, was not enough for me. We implemented many improvements which I will tell you about in just a second.
I am an engineer. I am not satisfied with solutions which are just good. I do not accept any inconvenience for customers, even in terms of aesthetics, even if the customers do not require innovation. I just know that it is difficult to imagine something that is not yet there. But I also know that a smart customer can appreciate innovation and this belief has not disappointed me since 1993.

That is why I built a company where searching for better solutions is in our DNA. I know that this is why customers choose HABA RL and I know that this is the only way we can maintain our position as a leader in quality and innovation.