About us

HABA was established in 1993. From the very beginning, we were guided by the idea of ​​listening to what our customers say and what is important to them.

We heard about the sense of security, convenience of purchase, comfort of use and low operating costs.
We have also been asked many times about the durability of sewage treatment plants.

We realized that in order to create products as close to perfection as possible, we also need cooperation with various research centers.

Therefore, the sewage treatment plants we produce not only pay for themselves quickly, but above all provide the user with the highest comfort. With a HABA sewage treatment plant, you benefit from the best patents, well-thought-out technical solutions, and the commitment and support of HABA partners. For your convenience, we educate and train distributors.

We are passionate about ecology and modern technologies !

We want the treatment plant to be a unique product, not only as a product, but also as a comprehensive service. Comfort and convenience of use is our priority.

We invite you to join the group of thousands of customers who make the HABA biological treatment plant a mature and refined solution.

We are united by a common passion that sets the directions for the development of small home sewage treatment plants and larger ones, e.g. for hotels, workplaces, schools, housing estates and villages.

Family is extremely important to us because we are a family company. We want your surroundings to become our common showcase. Now together we can return purified water to nature as food for plants.

"Protecting our planet's water resources" - this is the mission of the HABA team!